4 Day Beginner Training Class

A 4 day one-on-one beginner training class designed to give you a personal training experience without getting lost in a group setting.  Learn the art of microblading and microshading with no distractions.  

Topics Covered:

  • Proper sanitation, table set up

  • Color theory

  • Eyebrow shape and design

  • Stroke technique and patterns

  • Client forms, consent

  • Brow Care for each skin type

  • Microblading

  • Microshading

Each student will receive a beginner training kit:

  • Product Case

  • 10 microblading pens

  • Assorted blade pack (including shading needles)

  • Mannequin head

  • Practice skin

  • Pigment rings

  • Ruler + eyebrow measuring stickers

  • Pencil for measuring and design

  • Topical numbing anesthetic

  • Basic pigment pack (4 Li pigments)

During the class you will be working on two live models.  Each model will need to be provided by the student.  The class will consist of three consecutive days of training and the fourth day of training will be in 6 weeks for the models touch-ups.  The touch-up session is a very important part of the microblading process.

It is recommended you obtain your blood borne pathogens certification prior to class start date.

Each student will be provided with free shadowing and continued support.


  • There is a $100 fee per model.

  • Model must be over the age of 18 yrs. (more info will be provided once class is booked).

  • If model cannot be provided by student, please let Amanda know and arrangements can be made.

Class rate:

Class times & dates:

  • Classes are scheduled Saturday -Monday.

  • Hours: 9am - 4pm

  • Please contact Amanda for next available class dates: