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*Please read through both pre and post care instructions to be prepared for your appointment and to have the best results possible.


No blood thinning medications or supplements such as: Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Advil, Vitamin E, Niacin at least 24 hours before appointment.

No fish oil supplements 2 weeks before procedure.

No caffeine (including coffee) or alcohol 24 hours before your appointment (thins blood and can result in more scabbing and fading).

No Botox around brow area 2 weeks before procedure.

* No waxing, facial peels, or Retin-A one week prior to procedure.

*Do Not workout day of procedure.

Microblading is not recommended: 

if you are pregnant or nursing, have heart problems, diabetes, skin irritations on the face, hepatitis, HIV or AIDS, sick(cold/flu), smoke.


you may be more sensitive during your menstrual cycle.


*Please understand that each person is different and each healing experience will be different.  Skin type, body chemistry (hormonal/health), lifestyle, and post care are all factors in the end result and are out of my control.  I cannot guarantee how much pigment your eyebrows will retain or when you will need another touch-up.

* Be prepared for your brows to heal anywhere from 10 days-2 weeks.  

* NO water, face cleansers, or makeup on brows until all peeling/ flaking is completely gone.

You will be given a healing moisturizer at your initial appointment to apply during healing.

* NO excessive sweating, or submerging brows under water until all peeling/ flaking is completely gone.

* DO NOT rub, pick or scratch treated area.  Let all flaking or scabbing exfoliate of on it's own, (can cause              scarring or loss of pigment).

* Avoid direct exposure to UV rays on brows for up to 3-4 weeks post procedure.

* Avoid sleeping on face until fully healed.

* Avoid touching brows during healing unless applying moisturizer (sanitize hands before applying).

* If you accidentally get brows wet, gently blot dry with clean towel.


- redness or swelling for first 24-48 hours. 

it may feel like you have a sunburn for the first 24-48 hours.

- after a few days brows may become itchy and dry. DO NOT SCRATCH.

   brows will begin to peel or flake. 

- you may see tiny micro-strokes coming off as brows peel. This is completely normal.

- as peeling occurs brows may begin to look patchy.

- once brows have completely shed they may look uneven in color. This can be alarming and discouraging.

- color will begin to come back over the next few weeks as your skin is still repairing. 

- pigment will soften around 30-50% after shedding.

- there may be areas of the brow that the pigment did not retain on the first session.  This is a 2 part service and         anything that did not retain will be touched-up at your appointment in 6-8 weeks.


- Keep brows protected from harsh UV rays (sun, tanning bed). If brows are not protected they will          fade faster.

- Avoid: harsh skin care products on brows, Retin-A, peels, exfoliants, waxing, heavy oils, skin lightening      or brightening agents. These can fade or warp pigment.

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